RTA scoops coveted international award for minimizing public buses accidents


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Public Transport Agency, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has recently obtained the Silver Award from The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents in the UK in recognition of the positive results achieved by the Agency in curbing traffic accidents involving public buses in 2012; which has significantly contributed to reducing fatalities and injuries resulting from such accidents.

Dr. Yousef Al Ali, CEO of RTA Public Transport Agency, was delighted to see the RTA snatching this prestigious international award in a vital field that directly relates to the lives of people and cements the profile of the RTA as a leading entity in the fields of mass transport and traffic awareness not only across the UAE but also at the international level.

“We, in the Public Transport Agency, are keen on training public bus drivers in the Emirate of Dubai on the compliance with the rules of driving, traffic and public safety, and observing the safe speeds to safeguard the lives of passengers onboard and road users alike,” he continued.

“We are constantly seeking to showcase our efforts in this field as well as other fields through participating in the local, regional and international competitions in a bid to culminate and reward our achievements and hopefully clinch awards that boost the standing of the RTA in the community in general, and among the users of public transport means in particular.

“The Public Transport Agency has made a submission to this competition using its Accidents Investigation Decision-making AID-50 Project, known as AIDA 50 Project, under the Professional Roads Risks Management category of the Award.

“The project submitted to this international award aims at minimizing traffic accidents, where the RTA targeted achieving ambitious rates of traffic accidents triggered by public bus drivers in Dubai to bring them as low as 0.87 accident per 100 thousand kilometers in 2011; which was further cut to 0.7 accidents per 100 thousand kilometers in 2012. One of the performance indicators stated in the Strategic Plan of Public Transport Agency (2012 – 2016) has accordingly been revised to match these rates targeted by AIDA 50 project.

“The project comprises five key phases focused on categorizing the types of public bus accidents, figuring out factors impacting public bus accidents, identifying the suggested means of investigating bus accidents, issuing relevant investigation templates, specifying the existing technological systems, and introducing a technological system for investigating traffic accidents,” added Al Ali.

The award was accepted on behalf of the RTA by Mohammed Abdulla Al Ali, Director of Public Bus at Public Transport Agency, in a ceremony recently held in Glasgow, Scotland attended by the Chairman and members of The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents in the UK, and a horde of participants from all over the globe. More info