RTA scoops Gulf Traffic Safety Award 2013


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Traffic & Roads Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), has recently bagged the Gulf Traffic Safety Award 2013 in the Roads Safety Achievement Category in recognition of its project entitled: Work Plan of Pedestrians & Mobility Safety in Dubai.

Engineer Maitha bin Udai, CEO of RTA Traffic & Roads Agency, was elated to see the Agency clinching this prestigious award; which reflected the ongoing commitment on the part of the RTA to achieve the highest traffic safety rates at world-class standards in this vital field.

“Since inception, the RTA assigned considerable attention to traffic safety in general and pedestrians safety in particular, considering it part and parcel of its holistic safety strategy oriented towards minimizing road fatalities, and improving safety levels to bring them at par with the highest international levels in keeping with its vision of providing Safe and Smooth Transport for All,” said Maitha.

“The Traffic & Roads Agency is continuously edeavouring to rise up to the challenges of road safety in Dubai Emirate. Such challenges are saddled with multiple difficulties when it comes to pedestrians safety; which will not simply be achieved by constructing bridges and designating pedestrian crossing zones. Rather it requires urging road users among pedestrians to use these facilities which are provided in the first respect for their own safety and to protect their lives. Among other strategies capable of improving pedestrian safety levels is to intensify promotional campaigns to diffuse the culture of using footbridges and designated crossing zones amongst various community segments,” added the CEO of RTA Traffic and Roads Agency.

Engineer Maitha further explained that the Traffic Safety awareness campaigns for improving pedestrian safety levels focused on specific segments such as workers, students, parents and motorists using various languages spoken in the UAE in order to realize the objectives of these campaigns which impact the lives of a wide chunk of the community. In this regard the Department held workshops at schools, workers quarters, and mega firms and entities such as Dubai Drydocks among others.

“The RTA was able to scoop the Gulf Traffic Safety Award 2013 thanks to the Pedestrian Safety & Mobility Action Plan 2010 – 2014, which has seen a significant improvement in figuring out practical solutions in order to enhance pedestrians safety and reduce jaywalking mortality rates.

“The number of footbridges was only 6 in 2010, compared to 24 in 2014. The number of developed areas designated for pedestrian crossing zones reached 15 in 2010, whereas in 2014 the number soared to hit the targeted 121. The number of new areas designated for pedestrian crossing was only 6 in 2010, and in 2014, the targeted number has grown to reach as many as 36, while the total number of new areas designated for elective signalized crossings (Pelican / Puffin Crossings)  was 12 in 2010 compared to the targeted 86 in 2014,” she elaborated.

Engineer Maitha concluded by reiterating RTA’s keen attention to continue upgrading the level of traffic safety on streets and roads & road users safety including pedestrians in a bid to render Dubai city one of the safest cities worldwide in the field of traffic safety. More info