RTA scoops Superbrands status


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Super Brands Council has recently honoured the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) with the Superbrand status for the second year running in recognition of its efforts & achievements considerably enhancing its profile in public transport industry. The award echoes appreciation by the Superbrands Council of RTA efforts and strenuous endeavours to enhance its corporate identity in a way compatible with the scope and quality of services offered to public transport users in Dubai Emirate.

Dr. Aysha Al-Busmait, Director of RTA Marketing & Corporate Communication, expressed her delight with RTA being honoured with the Super Brand status, considering it a step forward signaling RTA’s embarking on super brands world along with the associated commitment to the UAE populace, particularly in serving commuters of Dubai public transport means, spanning the Metro, public buses, water transport and other related services including e-services, with a view to ensuring prompt, smooth and transparent processing.

“The strength of the Super Brand is not only attributed to the quality of products, services and solutions provided by an entity, but also goes down to the commitment of the entity to the noble & high values, remaining true to the business ethics, continuous interaction with organizations, events and social activities, and the standing readiness to lend unlimited support in the context of corporate social responsibility,” she stated.

“Being close to entities, firms and agencies of repute spanning all spectrums of the community is one of the key standards consolidating the high profile, reliable name and the super brand of these entities as community members & organizations are the key drivers towards bringing successes & achievements, and sustaining them in the interest of the nation and its high-standing among other nations.

“Famous brands are often well known to people, even though they are unaware of their products or services. The diversity and top quality of RTA services delivered to the public at world-class standards were and are still two critical benchmarks in identifying its corporate identity, and establishing it a reliable name in the public transport sector not only at the UAE level, but across the entire region as well, thanks to the competency demonstrated in undertaking mega & vital projects, and launching strategic initiatives paving the way for the delivery of classy, flexible, transparent and sound services,” she elaborated.

Since inception in 2005, the RTA has attached paramount attention to showcasing its corporate identity within the UAE community in general and the Dubai Emirate in particular covering all spectrums of the community, be it citizens, residents, tourists or visitors hailing in from all corners of the globe with the aim of familiarizing & socializing with this vibrant community that has multinational cultures ethnicities, languages, and a variety of academic & professional qualifications.

The RTA has therefore been keen to be the reliable name underlining all strategic projects & initiatives rolled out in Dubai, and offer an ideal mobility option in the Emirate, specially under the unprecedented sweeping urbanization witnessed by the UAE, specially Dubai, in a record time resulting in an influx of people, thanks to the phenomenal growth rates recorded in all business, financial, tourist, real estate and service sectors among others. More info