RTA seeks to sustain assets for future generations


Source:  www.rta.ae

Since launching the Asset Management System (Nama) in 2009, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has been keen on applying the highest international practices and standards aimed at preserving its road-related assets portfolio, land & marine transit modes, and the intelligent systems in Dubai Emirate through satellite surveillance & GIS tracking devices run in cooperation with its IT Department.

“The RTA has set Asset Sustainability as a top strategic goal and is keen on adopting the highest global practices via an integrated asset management system billed ‘Nama’ through which it seeks to sustain RTA assets over the long run for the benefit of future generations,” said Abdullah Al Madani, CEO of RTA Corporate Technical Support Services Sector.

“The scale of RTA asset has tremendously increased recently amounting to as much as 395 thousand assets by the end of 2013, comprising 388 bridges, 64 underpasses, 27 pedestrian crossings, and 636 air-conditioned shelters in addition to 48 lanes crossing the Dubai Creek, and the world’s longest driverless metro network of Dubai Metro stretching 74.6 km, among others.

“Nama system was applied throughout RTA sectors and agencies particularly asset-operating departments as it has an immense contribution to cutting operational expenses and augmenting revenues. The substantial results generated by the system over the past years assisted in slashing the operational costs by 15% especially the expenses related to public buses and trains,” continued the CEO of RTA Corporate Technical Support Services Sector.

Al Madani further added: “Nama system, which has been introduced in 2009, is a strategic surveillance system integrated with other operational systems of the RTA and has the potential of assisting decision makers in identifying appropriate measures in each stage of asset lifecycle starting from the planning phase, and moving on to the designing phase which caters to the efficiency of asset design to ensure its compatibility with the long-term use required for the asset, and continuing through the asset possession phase.

The system is helpful in running comparisons between various methods of asset purchasing, building or partnership with other entities in order to possess the asset, particularly in dealing with the private sector. It also enables monitoring of the performance efficiency of all RTA assets from an operational point of view as well as the maintenance & scraping of assets in a sustainable manner based on the prescribed lifetime of asset starting from 3 years and up to 20, 50 or even 100 years.”

Udai Al Deesi, Director of RTA Asset, said: “The main task of RTA Asset Management is to ensure the optimal utilization of all RTA assets while maintaining the quality of service provided. We are very much focused on educating individuals to preserve the valuable & vital resources such as land & marine public transit means, roads, traffic signals and pavements; which require considerable efforts and collaboration with community members towards sustaining these assets. RTA agencies have already embarked on adopting cutting-edge technological practices of asset management to standardize the storage and monitoring the condition of all assets in collaboration with the IT Dep’t. Since RTA assets spread over various areas of Dubai, we were prompted to count on a host of softwares such as Nama system dedicated to the management and tracking of tangible assets through the GIS to keep track of these assets.

“The Department, he continued, will not settle for a specific end but will make relentless endeavours to upgrade Nama system through embracing & adopting all new developments, learning from the best international practices, and focusing on smart technologies in managing assets portfolio particularly as the RTA is among the leading entities worldwide in preparing for aligning its asset management system with the ISO 55000; which is expected to be achieved in January 2014,” revealed Al Deesi.

“The excellent record achieved by the RTA in asset management was catalyst in obtaining the PAS 55 international certification to become the first Middle Eastern entity to reach this specification which is considered the highest in the industry worldwide as it focuses on measuring the results of set targets. Moreover, Asset Management Dep’t has a dedicated Excellence Center through which the concerned individuals undergo qualifying asset management training courses conducted by experts from various entities in an effort to upgrade their intellects & exposure and pass such expertise over to their colleagues,” said the Director of RTA Asset in a concluding remark. More info
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