RTA shares best practices with Sharjah Finance Department


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Administrative Services Department, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has briefed a delegation from the Central Department of Finance of Sharjah on the best practices relating to online stationery ordering system, stationery services, and initiatives that address employees’ needs & help them carry out their duties in an optimal way.

Abdullah Al Mahra, Director of Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector, said, “The visit aims to share experiences and enhance the cooperation between the RTA and the Central Department of Finance of Sharjah, in order to share ideas, broaden & boost the cooperative links between the two parties and bolster bilateral relations in the best interest of employees. The RTA is always keen on bolstering bilateral relations with all community organizations and sectors in order to support the joint efforts aimed at developing and serving other parties.

At the start of the meeting, a visual presentation was made highlighting the roles and responsibilities undertaken by the RTA’s Administrative Services Department and affiliated sections in general, particularly the tasks entrusted to the Stationery Services Section along with the initiatives launched. The visiting delegation was intimated on the best practices adopted in the online stationery ordering system as per the Government Resource Planning System.

The visual presentation mainly highlighted the tasks of the Stationery Services Section as regards the provision of stationery, desk phones and employees IDs among other diverse tasks processed through an accurate electronic system & smooth process that saves employees’ time and effort and accurately meets their requirements in a hassle-free manner. The visual presentation also explained that all stationery orders made must be approved by the Director and the Coordinator of Administrative Services Department before referring the order to the Financial Department, and then to the Procurement Department, which in turn will contact suppliers to supply the ordered items.

The delegation from the Central Department of Finance of Sharjah lauded the visit, which contributed to sharing experiences, and strengthening strategic partnership between the two sides in order to accomplish the common business conforming to the highest international standards. The visiting delegation reiterated that the visit acquainted them with the best practices of stationery ordering mechanism & the official system adopted by all employees in various RTA’s agencies and sectors. This, they believe, would contribute to migrating from the manual process currently adopted by the Central Department of Finance of Sharjah in order to accomplish tasks in a smooth manner. More info