RTA shares internal audit practices


Source:  www.rta.ae

Abdullah Al Jawi, Director of Internal Audit, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), stated that internal audit was no longer viewed as an inspection and monitoring tool as was the case before, but rather a transparent and smooth process that contributes to improvement and enhancement of performance and business procedures. It is also considered as the “other eye” that helps agencies and departments identify the potentials of improvement, challenges and risks associated with the drive to upgrade performance and services.

“Our work in Internal Audit Department, Office of H.E. the Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the RTA, is aligned with RTA vision in adopting a neutral & distinctive approach to improve and upgrade the performance and accordingly contribute to realizing the vision of providing safe & smooth transport for all,” said Al Jawi.

“From inception, RTA Internal Audit Department experienced several milestones within its ongoing evolution to keep pace with the development drive spanning all RTA agencies, be it in handling expensive projects or strategic initiatives of broadening and upgrading infrastructure of roads, streets, tunnels and bridges with the aim of boosting the integration of public transport modes; a key ingredient of supporting the economic growth and prosperity,” he continued.

The Director of Internal Audit further stated: “RTA stands ready to lend all sorts of possible support to the Internal Audit Office of Zayed Housing Program towards improving its work mechanism and keeping it in line with the best practices and strategic initiatives; which involve using modern technologies and programs applied globally in this industry.

The two members of the visiting delegation from Zayed Housing Program expressed delight with this meeting and thanked RTA Internal Audit Dep’t for caring to share its successful experiment in this field. They also praised RTA efforts in leveraging the profile of Dubai and contributing to building the future of the UAE in general and Dubai Emirate in particular.

The visiting delegation included Noora Salih Al Suwaidi, Director of Internal Audit Office, and Abdul Khaliq Suroor, Senior Auditor of Zayed Housing Program. The meeting was attended from the RTA, in addition to Abdullah Al Jawi, by Abdullah Al Bura’ee, Deputy Director of Internal Audit, Manager of Corporate Support and Operations Audit; Dr. Ashraf Mujahid, Advisor of Internal Audit; Aysha Al Sulaiti, Manager of Governance Audit; Ali Kashwani, Manager of IT Audit, and several employees of the Department.

The meeting included a visual presentation about the evolution of the RTA and an elaborate explanation depicting the establishing of RTA Internal Audit Department along with its business processes.