RTA showcases Dubai Metro and Tram in Kuwait


Source:  www.rta.ae  www.thedubaitram.com

A delegation from the Rail Agency, Roads and Transport Authority RTA, took part in Key Projects Achievement Forum held recently in Kuwait by delivering a working paper showcasing the design and construction of the Dubai Metro and Tram along with the key lessons learnt from planning mega projects in the Emirate of Dubai.

Abdul Rida Mohammed Abu Al Hasan, Director of Rail Planning & Development Projects at RTA Rail Agency, said: “The participation in external conferences and forums offered a great opportunity for exchanging expertise and business practices between various participating entities and countries; which contributes to adopting as well as enhancing the best business models.

“During the Forum, the RTA presented a working paper highlighting its model in designing and constructing the Dubai Metro and Tram along with the key lessons learnt from this massive experience which depicts the extent of transition and evolution sustained by the Emirate of Dubai through providing top-class mass transit means characterized by luxury & security of mobility, and echoes RTA’s vision of Safe and Smooth Transport for All. The working paper also shed light on the efforts made in planning the overall structure of rail network in Dubai and the integration with the urban structure of the Emirate in a bid to realize the strategic goals of the Dubai Government,” stated Abdul Rida.

“The paper also touched on the key challenges confronted by the two projects as regards the design requirements and the unique specifications and how they have been addressed. It also provided inputs about the planning of outsourced operations, appointing of consultants & contractors, ridership, route as well as technical and engineering services,” explained Abdul Rida.

“The working paper also cast light on the experience gained in constructing the Dubai Metro and Tram projects highlighted by encouraging UAE-based contractors to contribute to the project completion, gaining exposure to the rules and systems applicable in this regard, and responding to the requirements of the social and physical environment,” he continued.

The Director of Rail Planning & Development Projects at RTA Rail Agency stressed to participants in the Kuwait’s Forum that the design of the Dubai Metro and Tram was inspired by the standards of sustainability, technology and conserving the environment. More info