RTA showcases green economy achievements in WETEX 2014


Source:  www.rta.ae

Features a wide international participation from government, and semi government entities as well as mega international specialized companies in this field.

Dr. Yousef Al Ali, CEO of the Public Transport Agency, Head of the Energy and Green Economy Committee in the RTA said: “Throughout all agencies and sectors the RTA assigns paramount importance to the energy, water, environment and public health to keep pace with the achievements made in various RTA’s projects and strategic initiatives, and contribute to fostering a green and sustainable environment to cope with the plans of the UAE and measure up to the highest international standards.”

“To showcase our attention in this regard, the RTA is taking part in WETEX 2014; an annual event held by the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy and the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority featuring the participation of the biggest international businesses to showcase the latest technologies of water, energy and environment worldwide,” continued Al Ali.

“The RTA will showcase a number of initiatives in this event such as street lighting units, traffic signals powered by the LED technology, the use of biofuel in buses technology, auto switch off of bus engine technology, and controlling the temperature of bus air-conditioners. It will also exhibit the mParking technology for paying parking fees, journey planner (Wojhati), Nol Card, smart taxi initiative, plantation initiative from the Dubai Taxi Corporation, environment, energy and occupational safety management policy in addition to a number of ISO certificates and the Green Economy Award in the RTA.

“The committee has allocated 200 NOL silver cards for the first 200 visitors of RTA stand in WETEX 2014 in a bid to encourage the public to use public transit means,” added Al Ali.

It is noteworthy that the Dubai Metro is one the most prominent public transport means that uses clean energy as this modern driverless transit mode is powered by electricity. A special fuel is used in RTA buses which are fitted with engines compatible with the European Standards (Euro IV & V) and only has 50 ppm of Sulfur content; a substance considered harmful to the environment, whereas the diesel used in other public transport means in the UAE contains 500 ppm of sulfur; which itself indicates that RTA buses use fuel which is 10 times cleaner than the fuel used in other transit means. More info