RTA spreads blood donation culture for thalassemia patients


By Nadeen En Ajou  www.ameinfo.com  www.rta.ae

The Rail Operation Dep’t – Rails Agency at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has recently run a blood donation campaign for the benefit of thalassemia patients, in collaboration with the Dubai Health Authority (Blood Donation Centre), as part of its efforts towards rolling out community-oriented initiatives that contribute to heightening the awareness of all employees.

RTA employee donating blood.
RTA employee donating blood.

Ramadan Abdullah, Director of RTA Rail Operation, lauded this cooperation with community organizations aimed at achieving the common objectives such as raising employees awareness of the importance and benefits accruing to all parties involved as a result of blood donation, particularly as thalassemia patients are in a dire & constant need for blood. Such a practice prompts others to donate, even a small amount of blood, to save a patient’s live. Moreover the blood donation exercise is an opportunity to recheck the donors’ health safety and take appropriate preventive measures, if necessary.”

“We have opted to undertake this initiative as a social responsibility incumbent on everyone in a bid to instil high values & loyalty for this country, which spares no effort in providing all means of decent life for citizens. Therefore, encouraging community members to donate blood and save patients’ lives is an ideal step towards embedding the voluntary blood donation culture in the community, and passing this culture over to other generations so that it becomes a duty and a standing right for patients in need of blood transfusion,” he said, adding that a blood donation bus was stationed in front of the RTA Head Office, which saw an overwhelming response from RTA employees who demonstrated a high spirit of cooperation and love of giving to others. More info