RTA starts processing school NOCs online


Source:  www.rta.ae

All schools in Dubai Emirate can now have their transactions related to the issuance of No Objection Certificates (NOCs) from the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) processed online as regards to the renewal of school bus driving licenses, and payment of fines related to violations of School Transport Law.

2According to the CEO of RTA Public Transport Agency Eisa Abdul-Rahman Al-Dosari schools, which need to renew their licenses, are to log on to RTA official website, press “New User” icon, and move on to the second step i.e. completion of the Registration Form (corporate or individual). After getting the “Username” and “Password” through the e-mail, the user can open the “e-Services” page, select “NOCs”, press “Issuance of NOCs to Schools”, complete all the required information and finally press “Submit Application”.

“Following receipt of the required information and documents online, the specialized work team tasked with the issuance of NOCs at Public Transport Agency then makes site visits to school managements to check all documentation and verify the compliance of schools with the conditions & instructions stated in the School Transport Manual, and accordingly the required NOC will be dispatched by e-mail within 7 working days. The Team will offer schools complimentary copies of School Transport Manual, and deliver introductory lectures about school transport regulations which have to be adhered to” he noted.

“From inception, RTA was keen on upgrading customer service level, and diversifying the means of delivering these services among which the internet ranks first. For this end RTA worked out an integrated strategy to convert these services and deliver them online in keeping with the vision and drive of Dubai e-Government. Such a strategy has been based on speedy processing & customer centricity, and coordinated with the e-Government with the aim of showcasing the e-services and using the metrics and criteria of Dubai e-Government such as e-Services Quality Framework document. RTA regularly keeps track of the observations made by the Dubai e-Government through the Quality of e-Services Assessment Report on the design & content of the website” continued Al Dosari.

It is note-worthy that RTA has recently swept the Awards of Dubai Government Excellence Program 2009 under intense competition from local authorities and departments by winning ten awards including the Electronically Distinguished Government Dep’t Award.