RTA supports Thalassemia patients in Dubai


Source:  www.rta.ae

A team from the Unified Automated Fare Collection Dep’t at the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has recently visited the Dubai Thalassemia Center as part of community-oriented initiatives of the Dep’t and in keeping with RTA’s strategy of shouldering its responsibilities towards various human & community organizations and lending all forms of support to them.

The RTA team consisted of Mohammed Yousef Al Mudharreb, Director of the Unified Automated Fare Collection Dep’t at RTA Corporate Technical Support Services Sector; Luluat Yousef Al-Asmakh, Manager of Clearing & Settlement Section; and several employees of the Dep’t.

“This visit is initiated by the Unified Automated Fare Collection Dep’t for reaching out to the community. It demonstrates the keenness of the Dep’t to enhance the values of the RTA which revolve around discharging its corporate & human responsibilities towards various sectors of the community at both the corporate & individual level, including children with Thalassemia.

“Donating blood to Thalassemia-stricken patients is not alone the ultimate objective, what really matters is the moral & psychological support accorded to them by government, semi-government and private entities to help them cope with the disease and recover altogether, God willing. It is well established that the more individual and corporate support accorded to Thalassemia patients, the more will be their pleasure and self-efficacy,” added Al Mudharreb in a concluding remark.

The team was received by Khaldah Khammas, Head of the Administrative Affairs Section at the Thalassemia Center, and Dr. Isam Faraj Zhaheer; who commended RTA’s continuous support to various social, humanitarian and health institutions among other civil community organizations in keeping with its standing as a pioneering government entity that has made several towering achievements and launched a host of vital strategic initiatives in the field of mass transit systems and other vital services in Dubai Emirate.