RTA testing CNG-powered cars in Dubai


By Marouf Hussain  www.drivearabia.com

The Road and Transport Authority of Dubai has revealed that they’re testing CNG-powered cars as part of their fleet.

The RTA published a picture of their test car, a fully-outfitted Nissan Xterra, on their Facebook page, showing a CNG tank installed in the boot. They are currently testing it out on three cars.

We ourselves test-drove a CNG-powered car last year, a Volkswagen Passat Ecofuel straight from the factory, which probably would’ve been a better choice for this initiative, given that it did not have a big aftermarket gas tank wasting space in the boot. It will be a while before CNG-powered vehicles become the norm in the UAE and Middle East in the near future due to the lack of CNG refuelling infrastructure in most UAE cities. More info