RTA tests the theoretical knowledge of driving license applicants


Source:  www.rta.ae

The CEO of Licensing Agency of Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), Ahmed Bahrozyan unveiled the technology introduced by the Agency which is set to launched in Gitex 2010; which includse eye-sight testing of driving license applicants in a way befitting the vision of the Agency: “Safe transport, safe vehicle, and world-class services” through an “electronic-touch” instead of the current system.

“As we are constantly seeking to introduce the latest electronic technologies that reflect the extent of keeping pace with the latest developments, we have therefore aspired to measure the extent of knowledge about traffic rules and road safety gained by driving license applicants accordingly. The current theoretical test, which is still applicable, includes ten questions all of which are related to road signs only. Therefore, through this new technology we have opted to add other questions raising the total number of questions to 35 questions relating to signals, skills of the applicant, measuring the traffic awareness of the applicant and how he or she copes with the vehicle and other road users in a way that proves the applicant’s aptitude for obtaining the driving license. The test comprises 17 general questions about driving, and 18 questions relating to the type of the required driving license. To pass the test, the applicant has to get at least 11 correct answers in the general questions, and at least 12 correct answers in the special questions category.

In keeping with the modern electronic technological drive, advanced technologies have been introduced to run the test using an electronic touch-screen to ease the movement between questions.

The CEO of Licensing Agency stated that the new service, which would be physically launched in the forthcoming period, would be comprehensive and would therefore be delivered in three main languages; Arabic, English and Urdu. “We have also taken into consideration those individuals who cannot read through providing them with audio-visual systems to show them the requirements of the theoretical test,” said Bahrozyan.

“Driving institutes and centers will prepare and deliver theoretical lectures to applicants seeking to obtain driving licenses before taking the theoretical test, provided that the source of the training material has to be from the training manuals approved by the Licensing Agency,” said the CEO of the Licensing Agency.