RTA to Auction Distinguished Plate Numbers Online on June 25th


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Licensing Agency at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) offers a distinguished package of 300 plate numbers in its twentieth online auction, including the following categories (M, N, L, K, J, I).

Registration for the auction will start on June 18th and will continue for one week, while the auction kicks off on Tuesday 25/6/2013 and continues for three days.

Mohammed Abdul-Kareem Nimaat, Director of Vehicle Licensing at RTA Licensing Agency, said “the auction promises to be widely popular, particularly as it comprises various categories of interest to broad segments of the society. The auction is held in response to the wish of certain clients who prefer to take part in online auctions solely as they offer them full liberty in selecting their fancied numbers in a hassle-free atmosphere.”

He also indicated that the success of such online auctions contributes to enhancing the e-services offered by Vehicles Licensing Department, and helps work teams improve other e-services for purposes of swift and smooth transactions and higher customer satisfaction.

“Registration in the auction is open through different communication channels: through logging into RTA website “www.rta.ae”, or visiting any of RTA Customer Service Centres in Dubai to seek assistance from employees in completing the registration and participation formalities. Participants will be required to pay a sum of Dhs5,000 as a deposit prior to the commencement of auction; either by using a credit card, submitting a cheque addressed to the RTA or paying in cash. The Department is committed to refunding deposited amounts to clients after the conclusion of the auction in the same way it had been deposited,” he concluded.

On the other hand, Mr. Nimaat indicated that a work team from RTA Call Center has been set up and furnished with all details of the auction, in order to be able to respond to all inquiries of the public about how to participate in the auction or effect payment through calling 8009090.

He also emphasized that the success of previous online auctions gives us the determination to organize such auctions on a periodic and ongoing basis, as we constantly seek to achieve customer satisfaction and to provide equal opportunity and transparency in plate numbers acquisition.