RTA to auction distinguished plates


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Licensing Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), is braced for offering around 600 distinguished licensing number plates spanning all categories in the 18th online plates auction. Registration has already started on Feb 19th and continues for one week such that the auctioning will be kicked off on Tuesday 26th February and last for 3 days.

Mohammed Abdul-Kareem Nimaat, Director of Vehicle Licensing at RTA Licensing Agency, said: “The Auction promises to be widely popular, particularly as it comprises several codes such as I, J, K, L and M; and has been eagerly awaited since the start of this year. The Auction is held in response of the wish of certain clients who prefer to take part in online auctions solely as they offer them full liberty in selecting their fancied numbers in a hassle-free atmosphere.

“The successes of previous online auctions contributed to enhancing the e-services offered by Vehicles Licensing Department under its annual plan aimed at improving the quality of customer service experience and accordingly achieving higher customers’ satisfaction rating.

“Registration in the Auction is open through different communication channels; be it through logging to RTA portal, or visiting any of RTA Customer Service Centres to seek assistance from employees in completing the registration & participation formalities in the Auction. Participants will be required to deposit a sum of AED5,000 as a deposit before the start of the Auction; which can be made either through RTA portal using a credit card, submitting a cheque addressed to the RTA, or paying in cash. The Department is committed to refunding deposited amounts to clients after the end of the Auction in the same way it had been deposited.

In a related development, Nimaat indicated that a work team from RTA Call Center has been set up and furnished with all details of the Auction such that they will be able to respond to all inquiries of the public about how to participate in the Auction or effect payment; through dialling 8009090. More info