RTA to boost tourist sector


Source:  www.rta.ae

Eisa Abdul Rahman Al Dosari, CEO of Public Transport Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), stressed the need for making concerted efforts between government & semi-government sectors in identifying the best ways & means of boosting the public transport sector spanning the metro, public buses and marine transit modes.

Integration with this sector, coupled with the availability of sophisticated public transport network and superb tourist facilities, have made the UAE in general and Dubai Emirate in particular a global hub for hosting events as well as commercial & economic activities captivating the attention of investors, business leaders, tourists and visitors from all corners of the globe in addition to a sustained attention of citizens and residents of the UAE.

Al Dosari made this statement when signing an agreement between RTA Public Transport Agency and Sharjah National Travel & Tourism Agency (SNTTA); one of the biggest tourist companies operating in the UAE and the tourist arm of Sharjah Government. The Agreement was signed on behalf of the RTA by Eisa Abdul Rahman Al Dosari, CEO of Public Transport Agency, and on behalf of SNTTA by its General Manager T. L. Shivram Iyer, in the presence of several directors, managers and employees of both parties.

Al Dosari welcomed the signing of the Agreement considering it a vital step in constituting a futuristic strategic partnership between the RTA and SNTTA, and a key platform for boosting the tourist & mass transit sectors in view of the solid relationship between the two sectors and the pivotal role they play in serving tourists & visitors pouring in the UAE, particularly during the tourist season.

“The Agreement aims to boost the tourist marine transport through using the Water Bus, Water Taxi and Ferry Dubai, which are operated by Marine Transport Dep’t of Public Transport Agency. The Agency is eying to broaden and boost this sector, especially the tourist service, in keeping with the extensive development seen by the UAE overall and Dubai Emirate in particular in all fields highlighted by the tourist sector; which is one of the key and robust sectors of the Emirate; generating growing revenues, especially in winter,” stated Al Dosari.

“We are delighted to see the RTA playing a vital role in uplifting the tourist business as a whole and contributing effectively to boosting the tourist marine transport in particular. The RTA is always keen on coordinating efforts aimed at realizing the vision of the Dubai Government and the reputed profile of the Emirate in the financial, service & tourist sectors through offering top-quality services aligned with the highest international standards of the industry, and engaging in partnerships with relevant entities such as hotels and tourist agencies operating in the UAE,” added Al Dosari.

He reiterated the Agency’s readiness to cooperate with SNTTA not only in enhancing the tourist marine transport but also in offering all the requisite means needed for encouraging hotel residents to use public transport means, such as public buses and Dubai Metro, to ease their mobility in the Emirate and make their visits memorable experiences.

For his part by T. L. Shivram Iyer, General Manager of SNTTA, expressed his pleasure for signing this Agreement with Public Transport Agency, considering it one of the key steps in forging mutual cooperation in the interest of the tourist and marine transit sectors of the UAE.

“Since established in 1976, SNTTA was keen on making effective contribution to boosting the tourist sector not just in Sharjah but also throughout the entirety of the UAE. During the tourist season we receive increasing numbers of tourists hailing from European & Asian countries as well as other countries, and we are confident that cooperation with the RTA will bring about added values to the galaxy of services we offer to tourists & visitors considering RTA’s advanced & recreational marine transit means in place; which are preferred by tourists & visitors in spending a funny time in Dubai Emirate,” continued Shivram. More info