RTA to crack down on illegal transport services in Dubai


By Marouf Hussain   www.drivearabia.com

Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority plans to crack down harder on illegal transport services, which has seen an increase in the past few years, with violators facing confiscation of vehicles and repeat offenders likely to face jail time, followed by deportation.

The number of violators caught in Dubai has increased from 2,050 in 2010 to 2,447 in 2011, while last year showed 3,479 violations for illegal transportation. Another likely reason we believe for these higher numbers could be tougher enforcement of the law against illegal transportation.

Ahmad Al Hammadi, who is the acting CEO of RTA’s Public Transport Agency, is concerned by the high numbers, and said that along with being a violation of traffic rules, illegal transport services “create grave danger to the safety and security of people.”

On another note, the stories of regular people getting mistaken for illegal taxis and fined for simply dropping off their friends, seems to have reduced. Last we heard, the fine was Dhs 5,000. More info