RTA to minimize carbon footprint


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) attaches utmost importance to quality, health, safety and environment issues across all affiliated agencies and sectors in keeping with the achievements made by its strategic projects & initiatives launched in support these projects with the aim of leveraging the level of services rendered to all spectrums of the community, and nurturing a sustainable environment aligned with the strategic plans of the nation and the highest standards applicable worldwide.

Ahlam Al-Feel, Director of RTA Administrative Services, said: “The sustainable environment is considered among the key benchmarks of civilizations of nations, and nurturing this environment is therefore ranks amongst the key objectives sought by civilized communities today.”

She continued: “We are always keen on implementing the requisites of environmental sustainability in all RTA facilities and at the same time contributing to realizing this objective through undertaking a number of initiatives in this regard. Accordingly, we managed to minimize the carbon footprint in all service activities of the RTA through endorsing & offering transactions processing online, and facilitating the service procedures, which enabled the processing of 664,950 million transactions from 2010 to 2012, thus saving papers in quantities that obviated the need to cut 904 trees. The RTA has also recycled 12,130 kg of paper and plastics in 2011, 3990 kg in 2012, 2010 kg in 2011, 2620 kg in 2012 in the context of the Green Hands Campaign, and Energy Conservation Program.

“Since achieving better rates in minimizing carbon emissions requires studying all associated elements by environmental experts, we have to make concerted efforts and the responsibility here rests on individuals and organizations alike.

“RTA Administrative Services Dep’t launched an educative campaign urging all RTA employees to use the e-mail instead of fax-sent correspondents, embrace the recycling service, switch off lights in un-occupied offices, switch off computers, make use of the daylight during daytime, and use used papers in printing,” added Al-Feel.

It is worth-mentioning that the carbon footprint means measuring the amount of carbon resulting from any activity or action by individuals or public and private entities in all activities along with the resultant impact on the environment. To minimize the impact of carbon footprint on the global warming of the planet, minimizing the carbon footprint has become a global demand fostered and seriously looked after by the United Nations.