RTA to simplifiy vehicle transfer transactions


Source:  www.khaleejtimes.com

DUBAI – The Licensing Agency at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, has launched a new service to simplify vehicle transfer transactions within the UAE.

Motorists will no longer have to apply for transfer plates and will instead be issued with a certificate online. Ahmed Hashim Bahrozyan, CEO of RTA Licensing Agency, said the new system will speed up the process of transferring the registration of a vehicle.

“The new service enables customers to forgo the issuance of transfer plates and suffice by the issuance of a transfer certificate, without temporary plates as was the case before, since this service has become available to all traffic departments of the UAE, thanks to the online link with the federal traffic system. Accordingly, such vehicle plates will be abolished from the category of private plates in the emirate to which the vehicle is transferred. This will simplify the service, slash the costs of issuing transfer plates, enable the tracking of the transaction, and eliminate offences.”