RTA to write-off vehicles with 2 years lapsed registration


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) will start writing-off vehicles whose registration had expired two or more years ago, effective October 2010. The decision is prompted by the need to maintain the safety of road users in Dubai Emirate as well as realizing RTA vision of providing Safe & Smooth Transport for All.

Commenting on the move, the Director of RTA Licensing Agency Ahmed Hashim Bahrozyan stated that RTA would embark on writing-off and removing vehicles whose licenses had expired two or more years back from Dubai roads as of next October in order to maintain the safety and security of road users in the Emirate.

“Failure to have a vehicle constantly used fully checked-up for two years or more renders it an unsafe means of mobility and accordingly pose a danger to the driver, passengers and goods on board, besides constituting a serious hazard to other road users in the Emirate,” stated Bahrozyan.

“By taking this course of action, RTA is targeting a big chunk of motorists who do not bother to renew their vehicles registration which had expired long ago; which means that they do not appreciate the importance of renewing their vehicle registration. Through pursuing this erroneous attitude they are exposing their lives as well as other peoples’ lives to danger, and rendering their vehicles liable to damage as the years pass by, due to the lacking maintenance & repair of faults which keep mounting up,” he continued.

“Ensuring the safety of these vehicles as well as the public ranks among RTA priorities and strategies and it has accordingly kept in place all measures that will be required to run the testing of vehicle whose registration had expired in the Emirate. RTA calls on all owners of vehicles with expired licenses to report to RTA licensing service centers or RTA website to renew their vehicles registration, improve the soundness and safety of their vehicles, and contribute to their own safety as well as the safety of others,” added the CEO of the Licensing Agency.

“Vehicle licensing service is being made available at different geographical zones across the Emirate 24-hours a day in addition to RTA website to save the time & effort of vehicle owners. RTA has also enhanced its e-services such that the owners of new vehicles, which do not need testing or those which have been tested, can surf RTA website to renew their vehicles registration online,” said Bahrozyan in a final remark.

Worth-mentioning that RTA has linked more than 44 insurance companies with the traffic system such that the details of the insurance certificate and the vehicle will be available online. The array of RTA licensing e-services provided include inquiry about any vehicle, renew vehicle registration, inquiry about driving license, renew driving license, review offences and pay fees, and inquiry about distinguished number plates.