RTA trains employees on 7-star customer service


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Customers Service Department, Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), has recently held two training courses in cooperation with Burj Al-Arab entitled: The Vision of Dubai Ruler for 7-Star Service, attended by 42 employees of Customer Service Centers, Call Center, and Customer Care Section of the RTA.

Ahmed Maboob, Director of RTA Customers Service, said: “This course is held in keeping with the vision of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, aimed at coordinating the efforts of Dubai Government entities to deliver their diverse service offerings to the public and customers on the same lines adopted by international hotels. The RTA has therefore opted to start with a visit to Burj Al-Arab to have a feeling of the highest standards of customers’ service in place, considering it an iconic global tourist destination.

“In a meeting with Adham Al Ali, Protocols Manager, Burj Al-Arab, it was agreed to hold a training course by Burj Al-Arab for RTA’s front-end employees who directly deal with the public through Customer Service Centers, Call Center and Customer Service Section, in a bid to realize the ultimate goal of delivering a 7-star service caliber to customers. Two training workshops were conducted by Ms. Dina El Ashmawy, Learning & Development Manager, Burj Al-Arab. The first course, which was held last August, was attended by 17 employees, and the other one which was held in October was attended by 25 employees, covering various skills and etiquettes of proper communication with others.

“The training workshop included a host of skills and techniques that empowered employees to acquire the proper tools for learning the skill of communicating and delivering services to external customers through a broad spectrum of distinctive educational activities and group training sessions. It also touched on the proper illustrative layouts, carrying out roles & tasks, and performing diverse presentations that helped employees to hone their different skills and knowledge,” added Mahboob.

He continued: “The course was highly beneficial to our employees in terms of educating them on reading the body language & voice tones of customers, gaining exposure to a variety of solutions to customer problems, elucidating the principles of customers’ service, receiving & greeting of customers, and various techniques of adding a personal touch to the customer-employee interaction.

“The RTA is continuously seeking to adopt the best plans and initiatives capable of contribution to a better customer service compatible with the vision of the Dubai Government at world-class standards,” said the Director of RTA Customers Service in a final remark.

Kate Brear, Learning & Development Manager, Burj Al-Arab, commended the cooperation with the RTA towards realizing the vision of the UAE supreme leadership in providing 7-star service. “We were therefore keen on holding a customized training course encompassing all learning mechanisms, tools and activities about how to deliver the service in a way compatible with specific directives of adopting knowledge, skills and tools necessary for achieving the objective.”

Heinrich Morio, General Manager of Burj Al-Arab, said: “The course offered a great exposure for RTA participants who engaged in a host of diverse sessions & activities, assumed certain roles, and made an array of presentations. They also learned how to properly greet and interact with customers, learn their body language and sound tones in order to pass on their knowledge to others.” More info

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