RTA updates Wojhati app


Source:  www.rta.ae

“Having Wojhati App as the winner in the Hamdan bin Mohammed Smart Government Program, provided a renewed motivation for a comprehensive quest for added quality to our technological service offering.

This has prompted us to introduce new features to the service such as enabling public transport users to use Wojhati app to access name addresses stored in the mobile phone, and automatically select a name by a single touch from any active window the customer might be in without having to return to the address menu of the phone,” said Adel Shakri, Director of Transportation Systems, RTA Public Transport Agency.

“Among the distinctive features added to Wojhati app, is the addition of the Arabic language to the iPhone app, and this feature will shortly be available also on smart phones using Windows operating system. Wojhati app is the first Journey Planner ever presented in Arabic worldwide. These newly introduced updates have been made while giving due consideration to the appropriate design and themes of this app on the interface of IOS.7 technology,” he continued.

“Since the end of last October, more than 60,000 Wojhati apps have been uploaded; which is indicative of the high customers satisfaction with the service reflecting the keenness of public transport riders to use this app, considering it an effective and accurate tool for providing information related to public transport modes, particularly in inquiring after journey time & place, trip duration and fare, besides getting alerts in case of a change or delay in the service,” concluded the Director of RTA Transportation Systems. More info