RTA urges motorists to observe safety precautions in desert driving


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is set to launch during this month an awareness campaign to educate motorists and desert driving enthusiasts about principles and precautions for avoiding traffic accidents in desert areas.

Husain Al Banna, Director of Traffic, RTA Traffic and Roads Agency, said: “Motorists, particularly those who fancy desert tours, are urged to abide by the security & safety measures in place while driving vehicles or quad bikes in desert terrains.

The changing weather conditions these days prompt many quad-bikers to go out in the desert to practice their hobby; which warrants us in the Traffic Department to divert a part of our awareness efforts to this direction.

“On this time each year we run awareness events oriented towards desert visitors to highlight to them the importance of observing security and safety precautions in this type fun sport in the desert,” added Al Banna.

Last December the RTA embarked on a number of awareness events related to the onset of the winter season and changing weather conditions with the aim of urging motorists to take necessary procedures during weather vagaries such as maintaining extra safety distance between vehicles, enhancing readiness for any surprise accidents, avoiding driving distractors such as using the mobile phone, keeping the window glass & mirror clean, driving at reasonable speed even less than the prescribed speed limit of the road, and using low-beam lights.

“The awareness campaign will focus on delivering a number of educative messages which will be transmitted via social media channels, electronic screens at customers’ service centers & petrol stations, virtual messaging signs on roads, and cashier screens in some shopping centers such as the Union Cooperative Society. Such awareness messages contain tips and traffic guidelines that protect motorists & road users against road accidents,” continued Al Banna.

“The Traffic Department is gearing up for receiving students heading back to schools upon the end of the first term break, by running a host of awareness events at schools targeting students, especially secondary school students who practice desert quad-biking quite intensively,” concluded the Director of RTA Traffic. More info