RTA urges passengers to avoid riding unlicensed vehicles


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has called on all community members to shun the use of illegal or unlicensed transit means as they constitute grave risks to the security and safety of riders.

Such a call comes in response to the practicing of passengers transport activity by some firms and individuals who promote their service via smart apps, online ads without being licensed to do so.

Dr. Yousef Al Ali, CEO of RTA’s Public Transport Agency said: “Practicing illegal passenger transport activity is rampant worldwide, albeit it has not become a phenomenon in the Emirate of Dubai as the RTA is providing integrated & superb transit systems for both mass and individual use. However, some of these outlawed activities are practiced over here, which prompts us to make this cautionary warning to the public for a variety of reasons.

Some of those practicing this activity do not belong to any licensed entity that renders them accountable or checkable in case of losing the belongings of the rider. Riders of those means are also vulnerable to manipulated fare, bad treatment, immoral behaviors especially with women, or exploitation.

Moreover, vehicles used in such activities are not subjected to periodic inspections, and lack the standard security & safety stipulations, which would eventually undermine the reputation of the Emirate,” added Al Ali.
Smart Systems

“RTA’s vision of Safe and Smooth Transport for All prompts us to innovate a host of initiatives and smart apps for the benefit and convenience of public transport riders ridding them of any inconvenience they might undergo outside public transport systems. For example the Smart Taxi enables the customer to book a taxi by just clicking a button of the smart phone; which is sufficient for the nearest taxi to locate his or her place automatically. The app enables customers to review all previous trips; thus providing an effective tool in locating items lost in taxicabs. It avails customers the opportunity to assess the performance of the cabby, which renders the rider feel secured & protected by the RTA,” said Al Ali.


Security System

Riders who opt to use unlicensed transport means are not entitled to alert those often heedless drivers about over-speeding dangers whereas the RTA has devised the Security system enabling it full control of the speed of about 9000 taxicabs in the Emirate of Dubai. The AVM system offers the cabby a period of about 60 seconds to reduce speed to the permissible limit, and can also be used to improve public transit means, increase on-time arrivals, and enhance the operational efficiency as well as the performance level of the service. It also enables controlling the bus movement using sophisticated satellite-linked navigation systems connected with the Bus Control Center around-the-clock, continued Al Ali.


Dispatcher 8 System

The RTA is always keen on meeting customers’ satisfaction and as part of its endeavours in this regard it launched the Journey Planner app branded Wojhati and has Arabized it to propagate the benefit amongst smart phone users. The system, the first of its kind in the Middle East, provides information about stops and timetables of public transport systems such as buses, metro and marine transit modes enabling customers to plan their journeys properly. The Dispatcher 8 (D 8) system is the backbone of the five franchise companies operating taxis in Dubai. The system automatically opens the meter with the transit fare set for Sharjah and other Emirates (20 dirham), ridding riders of any defrauding attempts besides adding to their psychological satisfaction. The system is currently operated in the new service cabs designated for the Booking & Dispatch Center (Hala Taxi) and is designed to pinpoint & direct the nearest unengaged cab to the position of the customer; which saves time and effort of customers, explained Al Ali.

“The RTA is offering plenty of services for paying fares of public transport such as NOL cards and the credit cards. The service is currently applied to all airport taxis and 1240 city taxis and is expected to be fully applied by the middle of this year. NOL card payment system had already been generalized to cover all buses. The RTA is providing all resources for the benefit of public transport users enabling them to avoid using unlicensed passenger transport vehicles to protect them against inconvenience or exploitation associated with the outlawed passenger transport activity,” he commented. More info