RTA urges the public to use public transport modes


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Public Transport Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RT), urged the public to use public & mass transport means in their daily travels whether across Dubai, or between the Emirate of Dubai and other Emirates, particularly after RTA has deployed sophisticated, safe and comfortable buses for this purpose coupled with the operation of the Dubai Metro and the availability of marine transport means and taxis.

Mohammed Abu Bakr Al Hashimi, Director of Planning & Business, Public Transport Agency, said: “The integration of public transport systems in any city or country is one of the key and most prominent indicators of the progress of that country or city in view of the vital and crucial role of public transport in boosting the development drive across the board, namely in economic, commercial, tourist and social fields among others”.

“RTA has made considerable strides down the track of broadening and improving public transport network in Dubai Emirate in a record time. Consequently, public buses cover now 100% of the Central Business District and 75% of populated areas. Moreover, Public Transport Agency has managed to improve the punctuality of bus departure and arrival timing to 70%; a key instrumental factor in attracting the public to use public transport modes. In addition to that, feeder bus service linking with the metro stations started to enhance the integration of the most two important mass transit modes,” continued Al Hashimi.

“The public need to get acquainted with the use of public transport means as their use has multiple benefits such as reducing fuel costs involved in using private vehicles; which have recently soared, easing the psychological and physical comfort by ridding motorists from the stress of daily driving in congested roads during peak hours, and reducing the maintenance bill of private vehicles, in addition to easing traffic congestion, crashes and environmental pollution; which in turn help improve the standards of public health, and increase per capita output in all sectors,” added the Director of Planning & Business.

“While the ridership of public buses is continuously on the rise, the number of registered private vehicles is showing a constant decline; which indicates that a wide spectrum of community segments are shifting to use public transport means,” said Al Hashimi in a final remark.