RTA Visits Pacific Control Building in Dubai


Source:  www.zawya.com

Dubai (RTA) Fahad Al Ma’amari: A delegation from Rail Agency atRTA in Dubai has recently visited the Pacific Control Building in Dubai, which is the only building in the Middle East that has been awarded with Platinum Green Buildings Certification. The delegation comprised of Mohammad Al-Ruwaishid, Senior Manager of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Office at Rail Agency and Bayan Abu Shaban, Senior Specialist of Environment at the Office.

100Mohammad Al-Ruwaishid said that the aim of the visit was to have a glimpse of advanced technology in the field of protecting the environment, green buildings, and energy saving, plus having exposure to the company’s expertise in serving RTA s

current and future projects, especially environmental projects related to the metro. The delegation was acquainted with the nature of work in the building and the mechanism used in this regard, including the use of renewable energy technologies such as solar cells for heating water and generation of alternative & environment-friendly energy, as well as the use of wind energy. It has also been acquainted with the modern techniques used in energy management and reduction of energy consumption. During the visit, the delegation also checked the latest technologies in use in energy management and consumption control and to how to remotely control it through the Central Control Center of the Co. in Dubai.

“We have discussed with the management and specialists of Pacific Control Building in Dubai the future cooperation between the RTA

and the company, specifically in the effective management of energy consumption in metro projects. Introductory brochures were collected for reference in matters related to environment and sustainability in planning metro and tram projects”, said Al-Ruwaishid.

The visiting delegation also met with the Australian Professor Peter Neumann, the lecturer of sustainability at the Curtin University and a Board Member of the Australian Infrastructure, who oversees budget allocation of sustainable infrastructure in Australia and is known for his writings on transport as well as sustainable and environment-friendly urban planning. He was briefed on the experience of the Emirate of Dubai on the evolution of transportation means and their compatibility with sustainable transport principles, especially Dubai Metro Project and its economic, social and environmental importance to the Emirate of Dubai. Then the audience listened to a lecture on Sustainable Transport delivered by Professor Neumann.

The delegation took Professor Neumann in a tour to Mall of the Emirates Metro Station, where he commended the project, site, design and multi-modal integration. He added that the metro was the ideal and best means of travelling to the key centers in the city rather than using cars. He further stated that the metro was the most environment-friendly means of transport and promised to transfer this successful experience of Dubai Metro to the public through lectures and meetings he holds in global conferences.