RTA visits Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre to assess their needs


Source:  www.rta.ae

A delegation from the Strategy & Corporate Governance Sector, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has recently visited Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre in the context of RTA’s community-driven initiatives aimed at cementing the links with various entities in Dubai, particularly the disabled, as well as the interaction with issues that capture the attention of the community, through lending material and moral support to them in a bid to improve the quality of services offered to the children of the Centre.

The RTA has announced earlier its commitment to equip an ideal classroom at Rashid Paediatric Therapy Center, besides sponsoring various educational activities at the Center. The RTA has put much effort this year to sponsor educational programs and offered Nol Blue Cards to the Center’s students free of charge, to be used in public transport, which reflects the RTA’s support to this community segment.

Abdul Mohsin Ibrahim Younes, CEO of RTA Strategy & Corporate Governance Sector, said: “The RTA spares no efforts to bolster the social communication with a host of external community organizations, particularly those concerned with social and humanitarian issues as part of our endeavours to impart in the conscience of employees the culture of volunteerism, philanthropy, and assisting others who are in dire need of material or moral support from the community.”

“This initiative, he continued, stems from our keen attention to act in a team spirit towards boosting the principles of communication and the interaction with external bodies of concern with humanitarian issues through supporting their efforts in offering better services measuring up to the international standards, and contributing to improving the caliber of service offering.”

During the visit RTA delegation reviewed methods and techniques adopted in dealing with special need children, and was acquainted with the key services as well as educational & training programmes used to assist children to smoothly adapt to the surroundings. The delegation also toured the facilities & sections of the Center and attended to a briefing by the Public Relations Manager of the Center about its achievements and a profile of each section. At the end of the visit, the CEO of RTA Strategy & Corporate Governance Sector gave gifts and mementos to children and posed for photos with them.

For her part, Ms. Mariam Othman, Director of Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre, paid tribute to the visit of the RTA to the Center as it reflects the keenness of government entities to communicate with disability centers and lending a hand to them. “Such assistance enables the work teams overseeing these centers to offer better services as well as improved educational & training aides or remedial services to the children. Moreover, this cooperation enhances the concepts of compassion between various community segments,” added Ms. Mariam. More info