RTA Visits Social Welfare Home in Sharjah


Source:  www.rta.ae

A delegation from the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) visited the Social Welfare Home for Boys and Girls in Sharjah in the context of the community-oriented initiatives undertaken by the RTA, including “We make your wish” initiative which provides access to an important community segment with the aim of identifying and achieving their wishes & aspirations, and accordingly motivate and reward them to continue giving and becoming active members in the community.

The delegation included Peyman Younes Parham, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communication, Dr. Aysha Al Busmait, Director of Customer Service, and a number of RTA officials.

Peyman highlighted the importance of this initiative through which RTA is seeking to open up multiple communication channels to reach out to the largest possible community members. He pointed out that all community organizations ought to communicate and offer financial and moral support to the Social welfare Home, particularly as it houses a number of girls and boys “juveniles” who are in dire need of support to restore confidence and restart a new healthy life.

”RTA’s Marketing and Corporate Communication Department is keen on launching diverse initiatives oriented to students in general, whether in schools or other educational institutions, as we are fully aware of their importance in the community and through them we can realize the objectives of these initiatives. Besides that we are always endeavouring to lend support to other, such as the needy, to help them cope with the basic necessities of everyday life,” said Peyman.

The Director of Marketing and Corporate Communication cited examples of the effective contribution of social events such as “Tabaq Al Khair” launched last May the proceeds of which were donated to treat a case received by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian & Charity Establishment. He also mentioned the “Volunteer Day” for workers living in labor camps where toiletries, canned food and the like were distributed. Additionally, RTA took part in other initiatives in various fields, including the Earth Hour, building a mosque in Niger and holding an Open Day for orphans.

Dr. Aysha Al Busmait, Director of Customer Service, expressed her delight with this meaningful interaction with the Social Welfare Home, saying: “This visit has been a positive experience with lots of benefits to gain, especially as I noticed that these girls have set for themselves big ambitions to play an active role in the community, and they are endowed with potentials that need to be directed to the right path.

Al Busmait commended the role of the Social Welfare Home in our local community saying: “It provides alternative care for the missing family; especially this Welfare Home has the requisite specialized resources to take care of this category in a proper way. Moreover, it runs various programs and events that contribute to refining the thoughts of these girls and unleashing their internal potentials in a positive manner. Besides that, the management of the Social Welfare Home has an inherent determination to change this community segment for the better, and equip them with different skills to correct their path.”

Dr. Aysha also met the girls and offered them some tips on how to start a healthy & sound life. She told them: “Everyone in the community is subject to errors and mishaps but at the end of the day the individual come to a positive thinking as to how to change his or her life for the better and not to carry on with the wrong path. She called upon the girls to set objectives in their life and choose a future career that will enable them realize their dreams”.

For her part, Mona Tarish, Director of Social Welfare Home for Girls in Sharjah, praised this visit, which she said: “reflects the positive communication between this Home and the community organizations”. Mona stressed that such communication would contribute to boosting the morale of girls as they come to feel the interaction of the community organizations with them towards realizing some of their wishes. She considered the visit as a genuine reward of their efforts in the Social Welfare Home and the ongoing attention to carry on with the change in the right direction, which come line with Mission of the Social Welfare Home in promoting the social activities with the participation of all community segments and migration from the methodology of welfare to development.

Taresh also called upon various entities and organizations in the country to interact with the Social Welfare Home in order to encourage these young girls and boys to work, and transform their thoughts in a proper manner.

At the end of the meeting, RTA delegation offered laptops as gifts to the boys and girls as a step to achieve their wishes and to direct their internal potentials properly in various fields.