RTA visits the Ahmed bin Rashid Model School in Dubai


Source:  www.zawya.com

Roads & Transport Authority: The CEO of Public Transport Agency at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Eisa Abdul Rahman Al Dosari stressed the need for inculcating the public transport culture among students of various age groups, and encouraging them to use public transport means such that they will be accustomed to using them for life.

Al Dosari made this statement during a visit he recently made to the Ahmed bin Rashid Model School in Dubai as part of a team of Public Transport Agency comprising the Director of Buses Ahmed Al Hammadi, and Director of Franchise and Monitoring Furat Al Amri in addition to several employees of the Agency and a representative of the Traffic Awareness Section at RTA Traffic & Roads Agency.

“The RTA and school managements need to join hands to disseminate the culture and awareness of using mass transit means including the metro, public buses, water bus and water taxi among students of different age brackets in order to embed the fondness of using public transport means in the youngsters such that this practice will grow with them when they come to age,” he stated.

Al Dosari hailed the Ahmed bin Rashid Model School considering it among the excellent schools that boast a fine reputation across the educational circles of Dubai Emirate. He also praised the awareness campaigns run by the School management in prompting students to use the public transport means particularly the metro, and exploring the new experience of using the public transport modes in order to identify their numerous tangible benefits such as safety, reliability, comfort and speed.

The school transport sector in Dubai Emirate is witnessing mounting growth rates together with a sizable integration between different transport modes as the public transport means run by the RTA lift over a million users every day.

Highlighting the importance of school transport, the CEO of Public Transport Agency referred to the crucial contribution made by the RTA in promulgating the School Transport Law which has a considerable impact in regulating this vital sector in terms of addressing the safety & security stipulations on board, and training school bus drivers as well as bus conductors through training courses held by the Public Transport Agency. More info