RTA Women Committee holds religious lecture


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Women Committee, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), has recently hosted a group Iftar and a Ramadan soiree entitled “Ramadan Brings Us Together” at the Dubai World Trade Center for RTA female employees and a number of orphan children.

The event, which was organized in collaboration with the Human Appeal International (HAI) in Dubai, aimed to boost the social solidarity, share views and promote dialogue between attendants.

“Every year the Committee is keen on hosting this soiree with the aim of fostering the links between RTA female employees and other community organizations, opening dialogue & discussions in a broad spectrum of life and practical matters, and boosting the role of women in the community, besides promoting women intellects & knowledge, and furthering their scientific, cultural and social exposures. Holding these events is a good opportunity for realizing those objectives and accordingly nurturing a working environment measuring up to the expectations of our leadership and its standing intent for shaping effective women personalities in the community,” said Dr. Aysha Al Busmait, Director of Marketing & Corporate Communication and Chairwoman of Women Committee at the RTA.

“This year, we were keen on cooperating with the Human Appeal International in hosting a number of orphan children cared for by the HAI in a bid to assist with their integration in the community and ensure that that they have an effective role to play in the community. Furthermore, we always seek to embed the concepts of social responsibility towards others in our female employees,” she added.

Al Busmait praised the response of female employees in attending the group Iftar and taking part in the Ramadan soiree; an annual event held by the RTA for its female staff to act as a platform for developing the best new suggestions capable of addressing their professional, cultural and social needs.

RTA Women Committee also delivered a religious lecture entitled “Our Hearts in Ramadan” that covered two aspects: “Our Relationship with Allah, and Our Relationship with Humans” delivered by Sheikh Waseem Yousef at Al Wasl Auditorium of the RTA.

The lecture looked into the heart of the Muslim vis-à-vis Allah the Great, and how to refine it from impurities in order for our worship to be worthy of our creator. After all, purifying of hearts is the cornerstone of loyalty & devotion in our relationship with Allah Almighty.

The lecture also shed light on the hidden parts of the a Muslim’s heart and how it fares in its relationship with others, especially as regards ridding it from envy along with the consequential negative effects that need to be purified, and pointed out necessary means to distance ourselves from this ethical attitude as far as possible.

Yousef elaborated on the disadvantages of jealousy that ravages the hearts of some, and cited commendable contemporary examples as well as others from the era of the Prophet, companions and later generations (The righteous salaf); which made the lecture lively and far from the direct preaching pattern. This was clearly reflected in the full attention paid by attendees as the stories narrated by the lecturer facilitated the realization of the lecture’s objective.

“The RTA is keen on organizing non-traditional lectures during the holy month to disseminate the religious culture and for the benefit of all the staff and employees of the RTA. The Committee will always pursue ways & means of promoting the religious consciousness of its members, as it is bound to reflect positively on attitudes of staff, and prepare them for good morals in word and deed,” added Al Busmait.

At the end of the lecture, which saw a considerable turnout, Dr. Aysha Al Busmait, along with RTA Director of Finance Ahmed Al Kaabi, honoured Sheikh Waseem Yousef for delivering this valuable lecture which was hailed by the audience. More info