RTA’s customers service centers process 640 thousand transactions in 2014


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced that the number of transactions processed by affiliated customers service centers last year amounted to 640,386 transactions, topped by licensing transactions of various types, followed by NOCs, parking services, federal system, and commercial licensing transactions.

Ahmed Mahboob, Director of Customers Service Centers, Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector at the RTA, said: “The trend of transactions processing between 2013 and 2014 is on the rise, with 640,386 transactions processed in 2014, up from 593,156 transactions processed in 2013. For instance parking services last year clocked 27,736 transactions compared to 20,033 transactions recorded in 2013. About 35,519 NOC transactions were processed in 2014, up from 30,959 transactions recorded in the year before. Federal system transactions last year reached 23,853 transactions, reflecting an increase from 20,033 transactions of the same type recorded in 2013.

“Performance indicators have hit 95% of their targets in 2014 with the average waiting time of a customer at customers service centers dropping to 9 minutes, and the average service processing time cut short to as low as 3 minutes. The RTA is keen on saving customers time & efforts while processing their transactions and has therefore put in place numerous alternatives to achieve this end including self-service kiosks, call center (8009090), customers service centers, smart apps on mobile phones, partners centers, and service providers,” added Mahboob.

“The RTA is always keen on uplifting the performance of customers service centers, be it through adopting best-in-class service delivery channels, or empowering front-end employees to excel, as part of its efforts to realize its third strategic goal of making people happier on the ground. To this effect, the RTA is mapping out plans not only aimed at serving customers interests, but also to achieve higher customers satisfaction rating,” said the Director of RTA’s Customers Service Centers in a final remark. More info