RTA's Dubai ferry offers iftar and suhour tour


By Majorie van Leijen  www.emirates247.com

For the month of Ramadan Dubai ferry of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has taken up a special tour in its program. Twice a day – once for iftar and once for suhour – the vessel turns into a restaurant on water, while taking the dining guests on a tour alongside some of Dubai’s most popular attractions.

The ferry departs from its usual dock – in front of Dubai Marina Mall. But there is nothing usual about this trip. The interior has been redesigned into a dining setting; the staff is there to serve and even the route has been adjusted.

When opting for the iftar ferry ride, guests will be able to board on time to break the fast. Although the ferry does not take off until 7.30 PM, guests are welcome to take place from 7 PM onwards: the food is ready.

Every table is prepared with a plate of dates, dried apricot and raisins. The usual iftar lemonades are going around. Appetizers are aplenty, so are the sweets. In addition to what is offered in the open buffet, a plate of shawarma is served on the side.

The Ramadan offer is a collaboration between RTA and Bazerkan, which is part of Byblos Hospitality. “It is the first time we offer our services on Dubai Ferry,” said Georges Hachem, Operation Manager of the restaurant chain.

With culinary surprises such as seafood dipped in béchamel sauce, cheese salad, and pastrami rolls guests are likely to welcome the chef on board. More info