RTA’s new centre to meet growing needs of customers


Staff Report  www.gulftoday.ae

Dubai: The Customers Service Department of the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) recently opened Manara Customer Service Centre at Sheikh Zayed Road to meet the growing needs of customers for various RTA services.

RTA is keen on offering flexible and transparent services to all segments of the community.

Ahmed Mahboob, director of RTA Customer Service, said: “The RTA is always keen on expanding the scope of its services to keep abreast of the needs and aexpectations of customers.

“The RTA attaches considerable attention for timely delivery of service offerings. The business hours set for the new centre start from 07.30am and continue till 2.30pm.

“RTA seeks to broaden channels of communication with customers of all community spectrums.”

“The Manara Centre will deliver Salik and Nol card top-ups in addition to other services with particular emphasis on boosting the satisfaction of customers as well as employees of the centre,” said Mahboob.

The systems and policies of the Customer Service Department are built on the RTA’s strategic plan.

The RTA is working on developing and implementing an operational plan, key performance indicators and systems for tracking the performance of call centre employees.