RTA’s Red tickets can be used for bus, Metro


Source:  www.emirates247.com

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced that it has finalised the integration of its Red Ticket, which can now be used across all modes of public transport, including the Metro, public buses and the water bus.

RTA“The [RTA] have finalised the upgrading of Nol Cards used in mass transit modes including the metro, public buses, and the water bus, besides using them for paying the parking fees all over Dubai Emirate,” said an RTA statement issued yesterday.

Abdullah Al Madani, the CEO of Corporate Technical Support Sector, RTA, said: “The teams have completed the upgrading of all parking machines in Dubai Emirate as well as all Nol Card systems of the Dubai Metro and the metro gates. Likewise, the upgrading process covered all systems of buses operating in Dubai Emirate (1,387 buses), and the stations of the water bus.”

“The RTA yesterday finalised the integration of the Red Ticket such that passengers could use it in all public transport means, regardless of the purchasing outlet. This ticket was used to be only valid at the outlet from which it was purchased i.e. if it was purchased from a Metro Station, it would only be valid for using on board the metro, and the same thing applied to public buses and the water bus,” the statement added.

The “RTA is seeking to broaden the scope of its services to include more community segments and attract them to using the public transport means in the emirate; comprising the metro, public buses and the water bus,” Mohammed Al Mudharreb, Director of the RTA’s Automated Fare Collection Department, said in the statement.

Speaking about the new categories of the Nol Blue Card, Al Mudharreb said: “Applications for the new cards from the designated categories: school and university students, seniors and special needs, will be received as of 15 March 2011 through the Nol Card portal. Applications can also be received at the metro stations and public bus stations in Dubai and the concerned employees have been trained on handling these applications received from the public in a perfect manner.”