Russian Consul explores benefiting from RTA expertise in easing traffic congestion



H.E. Sergey Krasnogor, the Russian Consul in Dubai, praised the model adopted by the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) in easing traffic jams and developing modern mass transit systems and road networks that meet future requirements in a record time; which made Dubai a focal point to many countries seeking to find solutions for traffic bottlenecks saddling many metropolitan cities across the globe.

The Russian diplomat made this statement when he was received by H.E. Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the RTA, in his office at the RTA, where the two parties explored ways and means of boosting cooperation and exchanging expertise between the RTA and the its counterpart in the Russian Federation.

During the meeting Al Tayer briefed the Russian Consul on the key projects currently undertaken by the RTA such as revamping and constructing several roads, interchanges, new crossings on the Dubai Creek, Dubai Metro, marine transport, and public transport projects.

“Upon developing its plan to address traffic congestions, RTA was committed to apply the best global practices and accordingly adopted integrated solutions towards upgrading & widening roads network and Creek crossings, carrying out all-out improvements in mass transit systems (spanning the metro, tram, buses & marine transit modes), and developing traffic & transport technological systems to achieve optimal utilization and highest efficiency of roads & transport system,” said Al Tayer.

“The UAE in general and Dubai in particular are witnessing massive developments that led to an influx of peoples and business; which prompted RTA to prepare all means of transport infrastructure, such as road networks and various types of marine & land transport means, including buses & taxis, to accommodate the accelerating growth in population, projects and urbanization” added RTA Chairman of the Board and Executive Director.

For his part H.E. Sergey Krasnogor, Russian Consul in Dubai, said that his government is interested in benefiting from the experience of the RTA in easing traffic congestion in a short period of time in order to apply this model in solving the huge traffic congestion & tailbacks experienced by the Russian capital Moscow. He added that the Government of his country would despatch a high-ranking delegation to visit the RTA to review its experience in solving congestion problems and developing a modern transportation system and road network to serve future needs.

The Russian Consul in Dubai expressed his admiration for the Dubai Metro Project, air-conditioned shelters for passengers of public buses, adopting policies to reduce the semi total reliance of the public on private vehicles, and raising the occupancy of other means of transport, including mass transport systems.