Shanghai World Financial Center, accident


    Two window cleaners stuck on swinging platform on China’s 2nd tallest building

    Strong wind sends elevated platform flying into 91st floor window of Shanghai WFC tower


    A strong gust of wind sent an elevated worker platform flying back and forth through the air until it rammed into a window on the 91st floor of Shanghai’s World Financial Center. Two workers were on the platform at the time, according to a post on Weibo, and while likely shaken to the bone, they walked away with only minor injuries.

    The incident reportedly affected the 100 Century Avenue Restaurant, located on floors 91 through 93 of the WFC building. The restaurant has since confirmed the reports.

    According to, the swinging platform crashed into window, causing the glass to break. All employees on the 91st floor were immediately evacuated.

    News portal said that the workers’ platforms at the WFC are lifted higher than those at the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower.
    A worker in the building, surnamed Qian, told reporters that some of the facilities located underground, including a Blue Frog restaurant, were closed.
    “Our office is still working normally today,” she also added.
    Management of the building refused to comment.