Shukran to honour distinguished cabbies



The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), called upon clients and employees to honour distinguished cabdrivers via sending SMS in appreciation of their efforts, and the ‘Shukran’ initiative in the context of its endeavours to raise drivers satisfaction, boost the operational efficiency and achieve customers satisfaction.

“The DTC has introduced a new service enabling customers to send text messages via 6555 in commendation of DTC taxi drivers in a bid to improve on the customer service experience. Text messages received from customers about cabbies will be listed electronically in a bid to showcase the dedicated and continuous efforts made by cabbies in serving customers inspired by DTC vision of Pioneers in Passengers Transport Services, and reward their contribution towards uplifting the business and enhancing the standing of the DTC in the community.

“Once a customer feels treated to an excellent service by the DTC, he or she can send a text message quoting the Side Number of the taxicab to: 6555; where the SMS will be entered in the driver’s record and accordingly entitle him to receive rewards & honours from the DTC. We continuously track the excellent performance of cabbies and celebrate their efforts through different rewards and decorations. In doing so we are guided by a number of parameters including complaints received from customers, total income generated, income per kilometer, accidents made, traffic fines committed and black points picked up. Drivers will be assessed under four grades; Excellent, Very Good, Good and Accepted.

“We have also floated within the DTC ‘Shukran’ initiative; a kind of raffle coupon distributed to the CEO, Directors, Managers, Specialists and Officials to honour cabbies during their internal & external tours, field visits, events venues, Customers Service Office and Internal Monitoring. Drivers will be assessed in terms of several aspects including: general appearance & cleanliness, vehicle cleanliness, handing over of lost items, thanks messages sent to DTC in the name of the driver, serving the interest of the DTC, and obtaining a rating over 90 in the Mystery Shopper assessment.

“Thanks could be offered directly and instantly. The card, which has a coupon-like design and a serial number, is to be completed with details including the date, driver No, vehicle No, reason for issuing the card, and signature of the staff who delivers the card to the driver. The driver has to tear and keep a piece of the card, and drop the other piece in the raffle box which will have a monthly draw where three cards will be eligible for a total prize of AED5,000 distributed as follows: AED2,500 for the first, AED1,500 for the runner-up, and AED1,000 for the third place finisher. The event will take place in a formal function held by the DTC in the presence of directors and several employees.

The idea of ‘Shukran’ initiative was a result of a study of incentives & rewards systems obtainable by drivers annually or quarterly, and the light of the implementation of DTC Taxi Drivers Offences & Penalties Code run on monthly basis. The idea thus emerged for an initiative that offers direct reward, even if it carries a nominal amount, in recognition of the driver’s dedication to his job and the delivery of an excellent service.

The DTC is keen on offering a comfortable environment for more than 8,000 cabdrivers hailing from 31 nations deployed on shifts basis through staging a host of programs and contests such as holding football & cricket tournaments between franchise companies, and offering picnics bringing together drivers & employees to foster their relationships. Several lectures, and educative programs are held in the Training & Qualifying Center, whereas drivers who meet their own targets will be honoured by motivational and psychological rewards along with certificates of appreciation among others. More info