Sleeping on Dubai Metro is a 'no fine' violation


By Majorie van Leijen

Who does not like to nap after a long day of work? Commuters taking the Metro back home might now wake up to a bitter reality-check: technically, sleeping is not allowed on the Metro.

In fact, sleeping is not allowed in any of the public transportation premises, clarifies Ramadan Abdullah, Director of Rail Operations. These include Metro, bus, waiting areas, platforms or any stations of the public transportation network.

“This is public property, and it is not allowed to sleep on public property,” Ramadan adds. However, receiving a fine for the violation is not likely. “We do not fine people for falling asleep on the Metro. It happened once in 2009, when the Metro was still new. But I do not think anyone was fined after that.”

According to Mohammad AbdelHalim, Director of Bus, it is the waiting area that is target of this rule. More info