Special parking permits to help disabled tourists explore Dubai


By Staff  www.gulfnews.com

Dubai: Special needs tourists will be issued a parking permit which will be good for the period of their visit visa, said Sultan Al Marzouqi, director of drivers licensing at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

He was explaining the procedures to a visiting delegation from the Traffic Awareness Section, General HQ, Abu Dhabi Police.

“The parking permits are good for use in all districts and streets of Dubai,” Al Marzouqi said.

Tour buses run by tourist agencies or entities specialised in tourist transport are also given special permits, he said. The validity of such permits is linked to the registration of vehicles and is approved for use in malls, heritage areas, museums, and recreational facilities only.

Al Marzouqi said that Emiratis aged over 60 can avail parking permits with a five-year validity. “A private permit is also issued to vehicles of rehabilitation centres for special needs. The permits are issued to employees of these centres, with the validity matching the validity of the vehicle’s licence.”

Procedural review

Special parking permits are also issued to individuals suffering from chronic diseases who need to visit hospitals frequently.

The delegation reviewed various procedures adopted by the Drivers Licensing Department in issuing parking permits for the disabled, autistic patients, elderly, and amputees, among others.

“This meeting shows the attention of agencies and authorities across the UAE to communicate with each other and familiarise themselves with the best practices in various fields with the aim of uplifting performance,” Al Marzouqi said. More info