Speed limit of Al Safouh Street reduced to 60 km-h


Source:  www.rta.ae

Engineer Maitha bin Udai, CEO of RTA Traffic & Roads Agency, said: “RTA decision to reduce the speed limit of Al Safouh Street, which is classified as an arterial street, was taken in the light of studies about the impacts of the Dubai Tram with a view to ensuring a smooth and safe traffic flow in the area.

The step also fits well with the speed limits applied to the northward in the Jumeirah Street (70 km/h), and to the southward in the JBR (60 km/h).

The setting of speed radars will be consistent with the move as agreed to with the General HQ of the Dubai Police. Colonel Saif Muhair stressed the importance of reducing the speed on this road to ensure the safety of road users, and urged motorists to stick to the specified speed limits to avoid accidents.”

In this context engineer Maitha bin Udai indicated the key reasons underlying the decision of reducing the speed limit highlighted by the vibrant nature of the neighbourhood and the traffic movement in place, particularly after the opening of five Dubai Tram Stations within a 2.5 km-long sector of Al Safouh Street. These stations will be fitted with key services and smoothly integrated with other transit modes to meet the public needs and encourage more usage of mass transportation through the provision of pedestrian crossings, pick-up and drop-off points, bus stops, taxi ranks, and car parks in a way that precludes the onset of any interventions that might choke or cripple the traffic movement between the tram and other transit means.

The CEO of RTA Traffic and Roads Agency, stressed the importance of complying with the applicable rules on the part of road users pursuant to the Decision of the Executive Council No (1) for 2014 regulating the tram operation in the Emirate of Dubai. According to this Decision, severe and stringent measures will be enforced against violators of specified speed limits and red signal jumpers.

She commended the ongoing coordination between the RTA and the Dubai Police General HQ in taking a host of preventive measures and well-rehearsed procedures towards maintaining the safety of road users such as the installation of speed radars to monitor speed and red signal jumping violations. She explained that radars would report speed violations starting from 81 km/h, and that sufficient numbers of directional and awareness signage would be erected to display the permissible speed on this part of the Street, and help streamline the traffic flow at the intersections of the Dubai Tram and align it with the movement of pedestrians to bring it at par with world-class standards. More info