Sri Lankan Consul visits DTC Drivers Training Center



His Excellency Wasantha Senanayake, Consul-General of Sri Lanka in Dubai has recently paid a visit to the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) to review the work progress and inspect the conditions of the Sri Lankan cab drivers working at the DTC.

Ammar bin Tamim, Director of DTC Fleet Drivers Affairs, said: “During the visit, a full explanation was made about the roles and responsibilities of the DTC in developing drivers manpower plan in coordination with the concerned bodies with the aim of attracting highly competent drivers, and briefed the visitor on the efforts made to train cabdrivers and enhance their performance, curtail the negative practices on the part of drivers, provide excellent services to drivers to help them avoid wasting time & effort & contribute to the rise of income for both the driver and DTC, process visit & residence visas of employees, and implement the approved procedures & policies set by the DTC in the interest of drivers and the DTC as well.

Tamim added: “DTC employs more than 7500 cabbies of whom 119 are Sri Lankan comprising a diverse of as much 31 nationalities hailing from the UAE, India, Pakistan, Morocco, Syria, Jordan, Iran, Egypt, Bangladesh, Sudan, Somalia, Palestine, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Yemen, Algeria, Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, Iraq, Nepal, Ivory Coast, Afghanistan, Kenya, Eritrea, Turkey, Djibouti, Uzbekistan and Myanmar.

The Consul General of Sri Lanka then visited Drivers Training & Qualification Center and had a chat with the Sri Lankan drivers about the progress of their work and their own conditions stating his keenness to inspect the conditions of all Sri Lankan employed in the UAE in general and Dubai in particular and urged them to do excel and do more efforts to earn a decent living.

The Sri Lankan Consul General hailed RTA efforts in general and DTC in particular citing the projects and initiatives undertaken by the RTA to care for drivers in all fields which have a substantial role in improving & upgrading their performance and raising the level of services rendered to passengers and customers from various community segments; which ultimately contributes to the prosperity of both the RTA and DTC.