Stickers on Monitoring Vehicles to Promote Road Safety Awareness among Heavy Transport



The Monitoring and Enforcement Department at the Licensing Agency of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) initiated an awareness campaign through the stickers on the Department’s vehicles with the slogan “Your Safety First” to address the concerned companies of heavy transport vehicles like trucks and buses of the essentials that should be followed while using the road to guarantee security and safety.

Director of Monitoring and Enforcement at the Licensing Agency Mr. Abdullah Al Mahra stated “Work is going on massively in cooperation with the various concerned agencies in Dubai to implement a number of initiatives that aim at guiding others to achieve the Authority’s vision and that is ‘Safe and Smooth Transport for All’.

He pointed out that “during the last period, we considered the need for designing stickers with awareness messages that include illustrating images to support the campaign’s goals mainly the road safety and all related issues.

“We directed drivers of heavy vehicles and other related companies to the necessity to abide by the directions on these stickers (whether images or phrases) including paying attention to the validity of tyres and lights, warning of the danger of upholding loads incorrectly, the danger of making any additions to the vehicle that minimize the availability of security and safety conditions, in addition to the need to uplift the exhaust pipe and fix it in the right place and to maintain the clarity of the vehicle’s plate number in order to meet the highest degree of security and safety for drivers and road users.”

Al Mahra stated that the awareness stickers were fixed on the two sides and rear glass of five vehicles of the Authority’s inspectors that wander in the targeted areas in the Emirate of Dubai related to the concepts incorporated in the stickers. This will help convey a clear message to the targeted people in the campaign to assure security on roads, reduce road accidents and protect them and others of any damages resulted and caused by negligence. More info