Still in Dubai and Loving the Metro



DUBAI — In January this year, amidst the pain of a severe economic downturn, a number of jobs were lost. Among those who were given the pink slip was Andy Blair who drove a Porsche before the credit crunch caught up and he was made 

Dubai metro
Dubai metro

The 28-year-old Scot decided to sell it and scrawled his telephone number on the windshield of his car. It caught eyeballs across the UAE and outside and aroused intense media interest.

Overnight Andy and his Porsche became famous. Suddenly, leaving messages on the windshield of cars 
was cool.

Perhaps, remembering this message and the sensation the Porsche caused, one Dubai driver left this message on his/her car — but without a telephone number. We spotted it at a parking lot near a Metro station. The owner of this dusty Volkswagen Beetle, we are assured, has not entirely given up driving, nor is he/she heading home. He loves Dubai and he just prefers commuting to work and back on the Metro to putting his foot to the metal of his Beetle.

He loves Dubai Metro. And so do thousands of other Dubaiites.

If only other motorists, too, followed suit, it would help cut down on a lot carbon emission. Perhaps, most of them are waiting for the remaining Metro stations to open by early next year before cutting down on car travel.