Store owners and Riyadh Metro —profit or problem?


By Mohammed Alshoaiby Saudi Gazette

RIYADH – Many store owners are weary after work on the Riyadh Metro has set up detours and diverted roads once easily accessible. For others, the work on the metro has reportedly rerouted traffic to their locations, boosting sales and revenue.

The real estate market has seen slight fluctuations around metro-construction zones but is expected to boost property value soon.

These hopes and concerns are natural of a developing city, as evident by the examples of neighboring GCC cities Dubai and Doha. Fluctuations in property value, though marginal, and a sudden boost in business for some has led to many businesses being cleared and sold.

Others are being replaced with more refined outlets that would attract future commuters.

A supervisor at a newly opened coffee house near a metro-construction zone said the new business hopes to sustain itself in what is expected to be an attractive location. The property is being rented at a higher rate than its predecessor, particularly due to increased traffic in the area due to construction work.

Traffic has not been kind to all though. Construction on one main road has led several businesses to seek relocation due to a lack of parking spaces and accessible roads. More info