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In pictures: National Day

People all over the country celebrated the 40th National day with traditional festivities, parades and street parties.

National Day celebrations across the UAE

Tomorrow marks the culmination of 40 days of celebration ahead of National Day. Mountain clans have celebrated with their fishing clan brothers at mass tribal celebrations in the north. In the cities, government departments have put on luncheons and exhibitions, and private companies have hoisted strings of flags across their foyers.

Emirati designer creates 40m abaya from 40 UAE flags in honour...

To mark the UAE’s 40th National Day celebrations, the helipad of Burj Al Arab was the site that saw Emirati designer Lamya Abedin, showcase a 40m abaya made exclusively from 40 UAE flags. The abaya, which took months to sew and is one of the longest abayas ever made, was worn by the designer herself and displayed from Burj Al Arab’s helipad, which is 280 metres above sea level.

Malls add vibrancy to N-Day jamboree

Highlights of the Mall of the Emirates’s 40th UAE National Day festivities include some ‘grand’ elements including a giant electronic board displaying congratulatory greetings from all visitors at the mall. Dressed in 40th UAE National Day décor, Mall of the Emirates will be adorned with the patriotic colours of the UAE.

How to celebrate UAE National Day

If you’ve been thinking about treating yourself to a weekend of pampered luxury, where better to head than to one of the most iconic venues in the UAE, the Burj Al Arab? Why not check yourself into a luxury room in the hotel, where the longest UAE flag is being displayed in the lobby to mark this momentous occasion.

Mall of the Emirates celebrates 40th UAE National Day in 'grand'...

Mall of the Emirates will be a showcase of national pride in celebration of 40th UAE National Day from December 1-3. Hosting a number of exciting cultural events and activities for the family, Mall of the Emirates is embracing the spirit of unity and heritage and bringing the community together for this milestone occasion.