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Tag: Abdul Mohsin Ibrahim Younes

Mohammed bin Rashid initiative for Government Innovation

The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has recently hosted a workshop entitled ‘Ibdaa’ held by the Team of the Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP) for all government departments and agencies to shed light on the Mohammed bin Rashid initiative for Government Innovation 'Ibdaa' with the aim of nurturing a creative government business environment. The event was attended by a plethora of CEOs, Directors and considerable number of RTA employees.

RTA sets 3 types for crises & disasters

The Crises & Disasters Management System set for the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) aims at safeguarding lives, properties, environment and revenues as well as roads & transportation systems against the negative effects of crises and accidents with the aim of minimizing the downtime and other consequential losses and disasters, according to Abdul Mohsin Ibrahim Younes, CEO of RTA Strategy & Corporate Governance Sector.