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Dubai Could Scrap Dual-Airport Setup to Leave Sole Super-Hub

Dubai International airport, which is being expanded to handle 90 million passengers a year, could be shut in coming decades to focus traffic on a new super-hub under construction with as much as twice that capacity.

Middle East: living the dream

It is often said it takes a certain type of person to live as an expatriate in the Middle East and, for all the benefits on offer, relocating there can have its challenges. Some arrive dazzled by the glittering skyscrapers and luxury hotels and lured by financial rewards greater than they could earn at home.

Superbus could slash Dubai-Abu Dhabi commute to 30-mins

The commute between Abu Dhabi and neighbouring Dubai could be cut to 30 minutes with the launch of an electric-powered ‘Superbus’. The bus-limousine hybrid – which can reach the speeds of a high-speed train – can carry 23 passengers at 250km/h along a dedicated ‘speed track’.