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Dubai faces traffic snarls in rain, temperature dips to 12°C

Dubai: Dubai faced heavy traffic jams due to the rainfall that hit earlier on Tuesday morning as hazy weather continued over the UAE. The National...

Dubai commuters lose their cool over sweltering 'air-conditioned' bus shelters

Despite repeated assurances from the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) a huge number of bus shelters in Dubai still have no air conditioners. With summer just a few weeks away, there is no sign that this lack will be rectified soon.

100 AC bus shelters not working in Dubai

The summer is well and truly here with temperatures flirting with the 50DegC mark. However, users of public transport have found that not all the AC bus shelters in the emirate are functioning, and at some locations there is no AC shelter at all. Dubai sees thousands of people riding the bus every day.