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Dubai ‘seeking more than $2bn’ to extend Metro to Expo 2020...

Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority is seeking more than $2 billion to finance a 15-kilometre extension of its above-ground metro train line to the World Expo site, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

Dubai Airshow gets ready for takeoff

The dubai airshow is all set for a roaring start today at a new purpose-built site at Dubai World Central, or DWC, which last month saw the grand opening of Al Maktoum International Airport for passenger service.

How do you commute to Dubai’s new airport?

The opening of the new passenger terminal at Dubai World Central (DWC) on October 27 has raised several questions about the cost and convenience of travel to and from Al Maktoum International Airport.

First Flights Due at Dubai Al Maktoum Airport

The Dubai Metro will whizz you around World Central and on into Dubai itself with an additional link to the current Dubai International Airport which will still operate regional flights

Region's airports set for massive $119bn expansion

Serving as hubs for three rapidly expanding major airlines and at least as many mid-size ones, the airports of the GCC countries are seeing larger and larger numbers of passengers pass through their gates annually. This continuous increase in passenger numbers has led to increased security dilemmas and a growing demand for more efficient passenger processing systems to keep these transport hubs functioning smoothly.

Dubai World Central

A strategic initiative of the Government of Dubai, Dubai World Central (DWC) is a master-planned aerotropolis propelling the emirate's economy into the future. Leveraging the emirate's position as a leading global trade, business and aviation hub, the development's eight districts form a compelling economic platform for businesses to reach greater heights and expand their horizons.

Mideast airports expand as traffic surges

Governments in the Middle East are expected to spend nearly Dh331 billion in aviation infrastructure development, including Dh86 billion in the GCC states, in the next few decades. The UAE airports have announced investments worth billions of dollars for airport expansion and improvement programmes.

Riding the Dubai Metro

Buying a ticket on the Dubai Metro is fast and easy. The best bargain of all is a silver Nol smart-card. This costs Dhs20 (RM16.85) and includes Dhs14 of stored value. The card is used to touch on and off at each Metro station or on linked feeder buses or water buses, and can be topped up at ticket-vending machines in all Metro stations and at 64 bus stops throughout Dubai.