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Baghdad projects funded through 2013 national budget

"Plans include building bridges, commercial buildings, recreational facilities, sanitation networks and water plants," he said. Other plans include rehabilitating streets and widening them to reduce current traffic jams as well as projects to protect the environment. "This is in addition to funding the first phase of the Baghdad metro project," Munshid said.

Baghdad Lord-Mayor discusses designs of Baghdad Metro Project with French Company

Aswat al-Iraq: Baghdad’s Lord-Mayor, Sabir al-Issawi, has discussed with representatives of a French Company the studies and designs to build the Baghdad Metro Project, a Mayoralty statement reported on Wednesday. “Issawi met representatives of the French Sistra Company, with the presence of Acting Lord-Mayor for Technical Affairs, where they discussed the issues related to the Baghdad Metro Project,” the statement, copy of which landed in Aswat al-Iraq news agency stressed.